A Cambridgeshire update

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A Cambridgeshire update

Post by Richard_C »

Marshalls and Duxford Motors have both ceased to be Citroen sales dealers, but both said that they would continue as authorized Citroen service and repair agents. Duxford are, Marshalls are not as of today.

I went into Duxford to try and book an MOT/Service for 2 weeks hence and although they were as ever very helpful they simply can't fit it in until the end of April or even early May. Marshalls website says that they can provide service via their Peugeot operation next door but it seems unlikely that will extend to warranty work and recalls. They are referring phone customers to Duxford. I almost bought a new car through Marshalls 2 months ago, had I done so I would be mightily pixxxd off as the salesperson was very clear that authorized service would continue. If I had bought a Citroen service plan or with maintenance PCP I would be even more mightily annoyed.

So it looks like the only Citroen authorized service agent for miles around is Duxford Motors. They are excellent but today are simply overwhelmed by demand. Nearest alternatives are Hatfield and Peterborough. I think Letchworth and Bury St Edmunds ( a place not an instruction) agencies are no more.

If you live in the area it may be wise to book very early for anything you need, at least until it all settles down. I'm thinking about booking my October MOT for the C4 Pic soon!
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Re: A Cambridgeshire update

Post by CitroJim »

Richard_C wrote:
29 Mar 2018, 17:14
Bury St Edmunds ( a place not an instruction)

Richard, sorry. I know this is a serious post raising a serious issue but I did find the above very funny so thanks for giving me a big giggle :D