RD3 and DIY aux-in

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RD3 and DIY aux-in

Post by teuski »

I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to add an aux-in to my RD3-01 (Clarion PU-2472B(J))radio on a '03 C5.

I enabled the changer with Lexia (BSI and multifunction display) and have a signal cable from green changer connector signal pins. There are references about adding a resistor between some pins to fool the head unit to think that there is a cd changer present. My best guess ans tve obly one i've tried so far is a 60ohm resistor between pins 13 and 15 but still nothing happens when i press the cd changer button.

Anyone got a 100% fact if this could be done with just a resistor?

I could also try hooking up an actual changer i have and hijacking the signal wires for my aux-in use. But i wonder if there has to be a CD playing in the changer to get it working?

... or i COULD just by a Yatour box ;)