Can anyone me please help me

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Can anyone me please help me

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Can anyone me please help me I have an 2000 (W Reg) Peugeot 306 Meridian HDI 90 Est
I have had to replace the bulbs in the time clock for so reason the Immobiliser lock the ECU so the car will crank but would not run.
So I have replaced the ECU with an unlocked one the car now is running ok.
Now comes the BUT!!!!.
Now the rev counter isn’t working nor is the speedo & fuel & Oil gauge,
Also the central locking isn’t working and the K light is on permanently.
I have checked all the fuses & relays battery is 100% all lights are OK, earth leads have been cleaned & tested all are OK has any one got any ideas on what it is, I have tried removing the shunt fuse no joy the car has not got a BSI box :rofl2: