DAB for C5 X7

This unit is the RT4 and RT5 system and is made by Magneti Marelli
Main differences between RT4 & RT5 - RT5 has Bluetooth Hands Free, faster Navigation calculation and on C4 & C4 Picasso only, USB ports and a High-Res screen.

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DAB for C5 X7

Post by Bandit12 »

This forum is brilliant! So many helpful interesting and sometimes plain hilarious posts. Thank you all and long may it continue.
On the subject of DAB I want to keep the RT4 but do miss planet rock. Anyone tried one of those DAB adapter things?

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Re: DAB for C5 X7

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I've split this off into the telematics section Bandit - as it helps others locate relevant info more easily. :wink:

The Citroen offerings were the AutoDAb and EZI-DAB systems. Basically the same as the Alpine systems. There are 2 choices - an add-on unit (the EZIDAB) that sticks out the dash separately controlled (a bit naff if you like the OEM look), or the AUTODAB that is a small box that is heidden away and this fully integrates into the car's RT4 display and head unit. So you can get the DAB display coming out on the main display screen and control it through the steering wheel controls as normal.

You would need to check RT4 compatibility (not RD4) with the dealer as some head units won't interface (like the NG4 that I have).