PSA Android Mirror Screen question

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PSA Android Mirror Screen question

Post by Richard_C »

Seems that current Citroen and Peugeot mid spec models get android mirror screen and top spec get satnav as well - along with lots of baubles and a big price hike. My current experience with my C4 Picasso satnav persuades me that paying extra for a flawed satnav system is pointless, my phone does better, so when I am next changing car I won't be looking out for top spec. Pre owned 2016 on 'feels' will be around soon enough. Which brings me to the question.

I understand that with Android Mirror Screen as fitted to the late 2016 and beyond range, you can plug your phone in via USB and see/use/control all the phone functions including calls, music and mapping via the car touchscreen. At least that is what a dealer told me. But that was a big dealer sales person. Does anyone have android mirror screen on a PSA car, am I right, can I dispense with the car satnav and use the phone?