Wrong parts ? Steering alignment

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Wrong parts ? Steering alignment

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Dear friends, 
I want to share with you a strange issue that I became aware with.
Locating parts is not easy especially for the right parts. I had experience more then once with parts out of spec manufactured by well known manfacturer.
On this "episode" steering alignment.
At the photo two tie rods; at the left a new one that I purchased a year ago from DerFranose Germany and on the right side is the ancient used one.
Look how much the difrences are, especially the length, 5 mm approximately each side.
At the second photo two swivel joints, the left is used and the right is a new local old stock.
Look at the different in length, 4 mm each side.
At that moment I have the long tie rod and the long joint. Even if I screwed the joint for the max, the wheels are not getting alinge and still tow in.
So mach frustration. 
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Re: Wrong parts ? Steering alignment

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Assuming the female thread of the rod end goes all the way in, shorten the threaded section of the new rod to simply match the old one. The rest of the rod looks more or less right.
Get the tracking professionally checked afterwards.