Auto Gear Box Fluid Level C5 Petrol Auto AL4

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Auto Gear Box Fluid Level C5 Petrol Auto AL4

Post by spiff » 18 Aug 2017, 20:43

Citroen C5 2003 petrol 1997 AL4 Auto gear box 150000 miles.

It had a known problem with the gear box at purchase in that it would go into get you home mode on occasions.

Stopping the car and restarting cleared the fault.

The previous owner had recently taken it on a 200 mile dive with out the problem occurring.

The first time we took it out it happened twice in the first 5 miles.

After we returned home I read on a forum to count to ten after inserting the key, this I did and it never happened again for several local trips.

I decided to check the auto box fluid level, but instead of getting underneath followed a posting online that suggested looking in the filler to see if the level was over a grid inside.

This I did and as there was no sign of the oil I purchased a litre and put it in.

The level still did not appear above the grid, we used the car and all was fine.

Today I drove the car a couple of miles then removed the bottom cover and undid the level plug the one inside the drain plug.

Two litters poured out, it then slowed to a trickle suggesting that it was now at the correct level.

I assume my litre plus a litre that someone else had over filled it with.

Hoped for the best drove the car, a bit of a jump presumably as the levels reset then several miles all ok.

I rechecked the level and the fluid just tricked out as it should.

The fluid is very dark, it smells a little like the new scuff I put in but more like oil.

That is about it, I drove it a few miles again all working fine, the car has done 155000 so perhaps the colour of the fluid is not surprising.

Any comments appreciated : )

God Bless Spiff
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Re: Auto Gear Box Fluid Level C5 Petrol Auto AL4

Post by xantia_v6 » 18 Aug 2017, 21:03

It is likely that your underlying problem is a faulty electrovalve inside the transmission. See: ... lenoid.htm

These can be replaced by a competent home mechanic, the transmission does not need to be removed. I am sure that there is a description of the procedure here somewhere, but a brief search failed to find it.

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Re: Auto Gear Box Fluid Level C5 Petrol Auto AL4

Post by demag » 19 Aug 2017, 01:06

I would definitely keep flushing the fluid out until it is back to the right colour. Old fluid can kill auto boxes. Also make sure you use only the correct oil for that box.