Anyone heard this story before?

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Anyone heard this story before?

Post by ekjdm14 »

Just came across this by chance on youtube, wondered if anyone else has heard of this guy & really I have to wonder not a how he created such an amazing machine in the desert, but why?

I would have thought 20 miles in desert would be walkable in 2 or 3 nights, and he obviously had provisions for at least that long as it took him 11 nights to build it. The other thing that rankles with me is the attention to detail he's paid to this life-saving device. Switchable ignition, suspension, comfy seat etc all superfluous surely?

The story reminds me more than a little of the film "Flight of The Phoenix" where a group of men fashion a new plane out of the wreckage of their downed aircraft...

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Re: Anyone heard this story before?

Post by Gibbo2286 »

Taureau feces. :-D
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Re: Anyone heard this story before?

Post by NewcastleFalcon »

No but I did like Flight of the Pheonix.

Here's the musical bit. Not sure if Connie Francis has made an appearance at the Pickled Egg yet, but she provided this touching minute or so through the radio in Flight of the Pheonix :-D

Regards Neil
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Re: Anyone heard this story before?

Post by myglaren »

Yes, heard it before and it was heaped with scepticism at the time.
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Re: Anyone heard this story before?

Post by van ordinaire »

Yup. it's being doing the rounds for aeons & is, generally, discredited.

In much the same way as the Bedford that holed it's sump on the savannah & was repaired by skinning a buffalo& rendering down the carcass, tying a piece of hide around the sump, which was refilled with liquid fat - all that remained then was never to switch the engine off.