Jaguar Classic Works

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Jaguar Classic Works

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I know they are not French, but most people like the classic Jaguars. They have opened up a factory designed to help classic Jaguar owners stay on the road, to the point where Jaguar will even completely refurbish the cars. They have also a production facility to produce parts that have been out of production for decades; ... spartanntp

As it says at the end, come September you will be able to go on a 3 hour tour for £49.

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Re: Jaguar Classic Works

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Good news. The deep pockets of many owners make this sort of business possible; MG in a similar position.
Not a lot of scope for owners of classic Rovers, or Citroen, I must say. A different ballgame.

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Re: Jaguar Classic Works

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Excellent :D Just exactly as Aston Martin do in my home town and barely a swallow's flight from my house :)

They will take any Aston in any condition and return it as new... For a price...