Shock Renault content! Megane Coupe 16v

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Shock Renault content! Megane Coupe 16v

Post by djoptix »

Bought a Megane Coupe as a fun motor to run alongside the C5 which does general load lugging duties. £400 bought unseen (well, there was a picture, I'm not completely insane) from eBay, it's only done 62k and amazingly everything electronic works!

It's the Privilege spec which means leather and AC (but still no decent cupholders). This one has a detuned F4R engine (as found in the hot Clios) turning out 140bhp. Despite being a small car it's surprisingly heavy - the interweb suggests somewhere around 1250kg - so it's not a rocket ship, but after the C5 it feels like it goes like greased weasel s**t and goes round corners well.

Apart from having to put a bit of oil in it when I first picked it up, it's run well for about 6 weeks now so it looks like a winner. Will probably sell it again at the end of the summer, but I'm loving having something a bit more pokey. It will do about 40mpg on a run as well.

Pictures to follow when it's clean :)
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Re: Shock Renault content! Megane Coupe 16v

Post by elma »

F4R was my first Renault engine and it's a damn good one. I take it yours is the non vvt version at 140hp, it's better than the vvt 170hp version, I had nothing but problems with Renault vvt. Watch out for the pencil coils, they fail almost daily. Other than that I had no issues. Keep the clutch in good order too, the gearboxes seem to wear out if the clutch gets beyond a certain point.