2-for-1: drain pot and tool tray

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2-for-1: drain pot and tool tray

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Have had these two in use for several years, quickly made from a discarded 20-litre HDPE container...


Place on side, run a line around, and cut into two with a jigsaw...

Oil/fluid drain tray*, with handle and pouring neck...

Tray for tools and widgets...

Not original, but free and durable.

* After emptying out dirty oil, leave some scrap/dirty paper kitchen roll in the tray. Over several days, it soaks up the remains of the oil, and can be thrown away. No need to wipe out. Old oil filter can be left on top of the tissue to drain.

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Re: 2-for-1: drain pot and tool tray

Post by CitroJim »

Excellent piece of upcycling Chris :D

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Re: 2-for-1: drain pot and tool tray

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Should have its own thread made from rubbish etc, Would make good sledge