Mickey's Musings.

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Mickey's Musings.

Post by mickeymoon »

Well, I have a Berlingo 2.0 HDi on an 04 plate, with a 123bhp remap, and my wife has an 07 plate 207 1.4 sport, in a lovely blue.

The Berlingo has just turned over onto 130,000 miles and the Pug has done 83,000.

A while ago, that nice man James Hell Razor (not Alistair) picked me up some VHT black paint from Lidl as I was unable to get there.

Today, between having man coming to clean my carpets and having surgery to remove a melanoma from my back and ending up with 8 stitches there, I cleaned up the rear drums and painted them with the aforementioned paint...

Before and after. Now I need some of those little plastic caps to cover the scruffy bolts :)

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Re: Mickey's Musings.

Post by CitroJim »

That's made the rear drums look much better Mike :D

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Re: Mickey's Musings.

Post by mickeymoon »

Thought I'd post the results as people were vaguely interested when James mentioned the paint in the Lidl/Aldi thread..

I'll do the rusty bits of the calipers and front hubs later when I change the pads. They're only half worn but they have no feel and aren't great (think I was skint!) and I have a set of new Brembo pads here...

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