Xantia - Replacing strut top O-Ring

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Xantia - Replacing strut top O-Ring

Post by lancia58 »

It looks like I have a leakage at the left strut. It leaks on the strut's shaft and all over the strut body. As I understood it is not likely that the strut ram is leaking and it is probably the O-rings at the strut top.
On the shaft there is a side port that provides the oil supply, should this port be aligned with the holes in the strut top ? Is there any thread/YouTube that explains how to replace these O-rings?

BTW is there a way to validate that the O-rings are damaged and it is not the strut ram that is leaking ?


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Re: Xantia - Replacing strut top O-Ring

Post by Old-Guy »

Can't help with the 'O' ring question but aligning the ports makes no difference - nigh-on impossible anyway. If you look at the strut mount, you'll see that the shaft port aligns with an annular groove all the way round the taper seat in the mount.
The Wiki on mount replacement may help with tips (tho' not with seals).