Diesel or diesel?

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Diesel or diesel?

Post by DSNL »

After the opinions of the collective minds here.
Fed up with my C5 Thp and looking to replace it with another C5 but diesel.
I only really drive to work and a few trips and maybe twice a year with a caravan.
What are the good/bad points of the 1.6 and 2.0 diesels (approx. 2011 build year onwards)

Cheers in advance

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Re: Diesel or diesel?

Post by RichardW »

How far do you drive? A diesel is not suited to short trips.... The 16 valve 1.6 pre 2011 is a bit of a 'mare, but the 8V later unit is much better. I think it would struggle a bit in an X7 thought, especially if you tow a 'van. The 2.0 16V is pretty good, if a bit thirstier. Are there other petrols than the 1.6THP available - probably worth a look...