What's a ZE engine ?

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What's a ZE engine ?

Post by bobins »

A simple question - what's a Peugeot ZE engine ? PRVs came in ZM, ZN, ZP flavours, but after a brief bit of Googling, I can't find any reference to a ZE engine. There was a ZEJ 'Douvrin' engine back in the 70s fitted to numerous Renault's. The only reason I ask is that there's a ZE engine kit up on the 'Bay and I'm curious....
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Peugot-Fenwic ... OSwA3dYQuA~

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Re: What's a ZE engine ?

Post by xantia_v6 »

I think that the ZEJ was also fitted to the Peugeot 505.

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Re: What's a ZE engine ?

Post by white exec »

There are some Peugeot part numbers visible on the printed sheets in the advert photos.