RTX starters, etc - & Valeo

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RTX starters, etc - & Valeo

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Following soe well meant, gratefully received & sound advice, I did a little research & found that the brand is the product of a large Chinese manufacturer of starters, alternators & parts for same: mainly, it seems, replacements for Bosch originals.

Interestingly, they only seem to be supplied by ECP/carparts4less.com & - Amazon! (although you can by a minimum of 10 direct).

They've not got a good reputation in the VW/Audi communities BUT, rather more worryingly, "Go for the bosch, weve had far too many problems with cheap mickeytakes like valeo . . . " in response to a question on a Golf forum - back in 2007! Although I've recently expressed reservations about the Valeo label & doubts about whether they actually make anything.