Citroens in museums

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Citroens in museums

Post by praxibetel »

Hi all,

I dropped by the Haynes International Motor Museum last week, on a trip across the country with some friends.
Was good to see the Traction Avant, DS and SM on display there, as that's probably the first time I've seen the Traction or SM in the flesh. So I thought I'd post it here, and I was wondering where else in the UK you can find classic French cars? In any case I'd definitely recommend the Haynes museum.

Also on the way out in the car park, synchronicity; Peugeots began to assemble in chronological order, with my 406 in the middle:

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Re: Citroens in museums

Post by CitroJim »

Excellent :) I must properly visit the museum again soon... It's been a few years now but more recently I've been to a Haynes Breakfast Club meeting there and the cars that get there are as interesting (if not more so in many ways) than are in the museum!