White Noise

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White Noise

Post by myglaren »

In one of the threads recently we spoke of the dangers of the flashing lights on emergency vehicles and also the difficulty in locating them by the sound of the new sirens.
This just popped up and may have some relevance.

The series has some interesting clips but not really applicable to French cars

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Re: White Noise

Post by CitroJim »

Not watched the video as I'm pretty allergic to watching any video but are these 'White Noise' revering alarms of the same as the horrid things Tesco and the like seem to fit to their home delivery vans?

They sound like they're faulty... Like a strangled frog with laryngitis...

I also detest the revering alarms like the ones on our dustcarts with the (badly) synthesised voice warning.

Heard one the other day that not only announced it was reversing but also that it was turning left... Presumably it also reports if it is turning right and going straight ahead...

All these warning systems seem very over the top to me and just add to the intolerable level of noise pollution that abounds these days...

Are people so stupid these days they need all these system to say alive?

Sadly, observation answers my own question. 99% of the population constantly staring at their mobile phones whilst out and about clearly need lots of audible warning of danger ahead :twisted: