seeking some nice tips on sunroof adjustment (GSA)

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seeking some nice tips on sunroof adjustment (GSA)

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So I finally got around putting back the sunroof - as some may recall I got burnt by lazy and irresponsible (coming from me, it says a lot) previous owners, who initially sealed the sunroof with sealant and subsequent owners who didn't get around to do anything about it. The result? Rust, lots and lots of rust...

The seal carrier was a toast, 75% of it rusted so I pulled it off and ground the rust as best as I could and slapped on a couple of coats of POR-15. In the long and fine tradition of this particular GSA, I'll leave the next owners to find out the real horror when they pull it down again :twisted: The seal has nowhere to "sit" with the seal carrier channel (upside down T section) gone. So using a sealant/adhesive, the old seal was glued on to the side of the sunroof plug and seems sturdy enough for now. The obvious downside to this solution is that without the seal carrier, the seal height isn't as consistent as it should be. Forward and side edges seem reasonable but aft edge of the seal isn't. Along the aft edge, there are sections where gaps are up to 5mm, which is way too much.

Questions: What is the best way to adjust sunroof in relation to the cutout? There are three allen head screws on each side sunroof rail and the problem I found is it's nigh impossible to adjust the rear most screws because the sunroof aft edge is not running on the rails so I can't apply force via sunroof panel with it partially open or closed (which seems the only situation where I can access the rear most screws). With the sunroof fully open, I can push up the rails via the sunroof handle but I can't seem to access the screws to fix the position.
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