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Re: Expert Van Woes

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There are numerous components that are coded together. If I knew what they all are I would post them up, but I don't. However, somebody with the relevant knowledge should come along with the information you need.

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Re: Expert Van Woes

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At a minimum need BSi, chip from key and possibly any other ECU from the original DW8 donor car. No guarantee this will actually work either as you're using a completely different engine type.

Far far quicker / easier to de-armour pump and fit a conventional solenoid to it.

Caution: Inform insurance company of this.

Note: Solenoid for this type of Lucas pump is difficult to find as a normal one will either not stop the engine or allow fuel to pass all the time, its not got a module its got a weird 'tube thing' with the electronics within.

On plexed models the 'ignition on' power can usually be taken from the reverse light switch feed as that's live during cranking (which you want) but not live during accessories (which you don't) as non plexed or units fitted with this engine have a four wire 'code' plug to the pump as well as other bits, you won't have this with the HDi.

May also need part of engine loom too as you need (likely) TDC sensor from DW8 to be wired up.

To be brutal, fitting an XUD is easier (as long as you get from 405/306/Early Xantia) and not from later Xantia or 406 as these earlier ones have a mechanical advance pump, connect solenoid feed and you're about done.