Stretchy CV joint boot fitting trick.

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Stretchy CV joint boot fitting trick.

Post by dnsey »

I replaced a CV joint boot yesterday on my son's Micra, using one of those stretchy univeral replacements. I didn't want to remove the driveshaft (the gear oil fillers tend to seize on these boxes), but found it impossible to get a decent pull on the boot to get it over the expansion cone tool. I then hit on an idea: I found a tiin can which fitted over the joint, and removed the end to form a sleeve. It was then relatively easy (!) to slide the boot onto the can, using the cone. I then placed the can over the joint, and slid the boot off the can (which was easy).

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Re: Stretchy CV joint boot fitting trick.

Post by CitroJim »

Excellent tip :D I know how difficult the last bit of using a cone can be and anything that simplifies the process is most welcome!

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Re: Stretchy CV joint boot fitting trick.

Post by Pug_XUD_KeenAmateur »

an Addendum to this.

I've never had too much trouble with CV Boots, unless you count doing daughter's 106D boot three times in quick succession coz the first two times I erroneously used a standard boot instead of a small one, which quickly chaffed and therefore wore out....

...but I was once again doing a 'repeat' job back at the weekend, having made such a hash of fitting my Steering Rack NS Boot a few months back that it came off its mounting and got ripped.

So, prior to re-attempting it, i had a think and decided it'd be great to have a 'mini-cone' to facilitate getting the rubber onto its housings at each end (the 405 NS is unusual in having large 50mm holes both sides), went to the supermarket with the vernier and found a bottle of Orangina was pretty close. Bingo, what a difference; getting it on was a doddle. Highly recommended.

Pics here ... e=590A707F

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