Reversing Camera

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Reversing Camera

Post by renagade »

On my x7 I have fitted a reversing camera to go with my audible sensors (that I fitted myself) but was wondering now that I may get another x7 with the sat nav in do you think it would be poss. to fit another reversing camera and wire it into the sat nav screen,I do find the camera very useful.
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Re: Reversing Camera

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Unless you are getting a Tourer with the camera fitted, you might want to consider something like this that Ace did on his: ... hp?t=52248
The Head Units may have a problem accepting the camera input as they may not have the right hardware internally to support a camera. There were a few hardware revisions and not all of these support the cameras.

A few have tried recently on the RT6 unit - but unless you have the right hardware revision it still may not support the option. The above is a solution that won't affect or interfere with your car's functionality and actually looks quite good without that 'after market' look.