Fixing Window Control Module

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Fixing Window Control Module

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I was up at the scrappy today (I have mentioned a C5 estate in the 'For Sale' section) and, amongst other things, I bought the drivers door switch module (as my C5 would not automatically raise the front passenger window; I would have to hold the switch). While the one I bought turned out to not be suitable, it did show me how the unit worked, so I was then able to fix the problem.

Carefully remove the module from the door card, and there are two cables plugged in. Disconnect them (they are usual Citroen latch design), and then head to the workspace.

Carefully unclip the bottom cover from the unit. A circuit board (with two rubber contact covers) will be exposed, and can be removed (the top unit remaining part is almost all purely mechanical). Using a proper contact cleaner, remove any crud from the circuit board and the contact pads on the rubber covers. The switch (in the main unit) for the mirror control has a brass contact the touches a point in the circuit board. Clean this contact, and then apply some silicon grease or Vaseline (to keep smooth movement). Place the circuit board back onto the lower cover (letting the pins for the connectors go through the relevant holes), and then place the two rubber covers back onto the circuit board (there are alignment lugs on the covers, and holes in the circuit board). Once these are correctly lined up carefully line the top cover (there is an alignment key at the end furthest from the mirror control), and clip them back together. Then fit it back into the car, and check it works (mine now is working properly in all respects).

I will, at some time, do a few photographs on how to do this module (as I have a spare to work on).