Dead compressor??

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Dead compressor??

Post by krazylegz »

Following on from my other post in the peugeot forum is it possible for the compressor to be dead even though the clutch kicks in and carries on spinning??

Reason I ask is that my 2008 308 aircon still won't work. I thought it was a problem with the slow speed cooling fan not working, have since changed the fan assembly, brand new slow speed resistor from peugeot, pressure switch, new condenser and had it regassed with still no joy.

Im thinking that maybe if the compressor isn't working then it won't ask for the cooling fan to turn on?

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Re: Dead compressor??

Post by xantia_v6 »

When the system was refilled, the pressures should have been checked with the engine running, this would have immediately shown the health of the compressor.

The operation of the fan is (almost certainly) not dependent on the condition of the compressor.

Does the low speed fan come on if you leave the engine idling long enough to heat up the radiator? or does it jump straight to high speed?