Steering rack vertical play. Worn bushings?

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Steering rack vertical play. Worn bushings?

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Is there anyone that have had problems with play in the ends of the steering rack?

I managed to wear out one tyre very fast due to this problem. I managed do remove most of the play by tightening the 18mm plastic internal hex plug that compress the bushing that is pressing a plastic slide bearing that keeps the rack pressed against the pinion.

Now how've close to 2 years after the steering are starting to feel a tiny bit rough and noisy. I have looked for rack end bush to replace them. But I can only find for C2 and C3.
I would suspect Peugeot use the same rack in some models as Citroën C5? But can't find any on ebay.

I would really like to solve this issue before I have to replace the rack!

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