Truck driver reflexes

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Truck driver reflexes

Post by Mandrake »

If only this truck had Activa suspension! :rofl2:


Well done driver, for managing to avoid a pileup without any contact. =D>

(Of course things could have ended badly if the dark van on the left hadn't braked... :twisted: )

I still can't figure out whether the tractor digger, the van in front of the truck or the bus to the right were responsible for a near pile up, or some combination of the three of them! #-o

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Re: Truck driver reflexes

Post by Gibbo2286 »

A typical motorway 'accident waiting to happen' scene, too fast, too close, all of them.

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Re: Truck driver reflexes

Post by Deanxm »

The tractor cuts in front of the van, the van piles on the ancors with delayed reaction, the bus driver seems to have just been woken up by the whole event and tugged randomly at the wheel as there was nothing on his o/s and nothing in front yet he turned towards the danger and the truck closing fast on the van which braked very late was forced to perform a rather stunning peice of evasive driving.

I bet they will never fully get the smell out of his seat though.