Citroen reliability

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Citroen reliability

Post by Stickyfinger »

Looking at the C5x7

Interesting the Warranty value is low but the user value (bottom) is med/high

and that the C5Mk1/=face is higher than the X7 (the German Citroen)

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Re: Citroen reliability

Post by bobins »

I'm guessing the various specific faults would mainly be....
Air conditioning 10.37% - holed condenser or leaking pipe (common early fault).
Axle & Suspension 15.85% - leaking front Hydractive struts ?
Steering system 14.02% - obviously the rubbishy leaking steering rack and/or pipe joins.
Electrical 30.79% - Duff BSI/fusebox ? That surely can't account for such a high percentage ? I wonder if the window winders are classed as 'Electrical' ?
Engine 12.20% - 1.6hdi turbo and injector problems ?