New Speedometer not working.

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New Speedometer not working.

Post by Jaymie1989 »


I brought a new speedo as my old broke.
Its plugged it lights come on but its not working. This is a video of what it does.

What do I need to do for it to work?
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Re: New Speedometer not working.

Post by spider »

I know this is not much help but I think that you will need to (possibly) code the panel in so it matches the existing BSI. Either that or the BSI or the 'new' panel is actually at fault.

I'm basing this on the fact that its half flashing and you have no mileage reading showing. Its almost like its the wrong panel.

Caution: The highest mileage reading will be used so if that panel was higher than your old one, it will be copied into the BSI then back out again.

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Re: New Speedometer not working.

Post by RichardW »

What was the original panel doing - the same or different? If you re-fit the panel what does it do? I suspect this is either a BSI, COM or wiring fault - are you having any funnies with the lights as well?

You may well need to get it on Diagbox to see where the signals are going astray.
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