Gearbox earth connection part

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Gearbox earth connection part

Post by Welshy_Pete »

I have just looked on my 306 hdi which is having electrical problems with the fans, temp reading and fuel pump.

The Gearbox earth connection part of the wire say half copper part frayed away so could this be causing the problem?

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Re: Gearbox earth connection part

Post by spider »

Quite possibly. Its always worth checking the heavy leads at all their ends.

I don't know how practical is it (and this does not always work) but if you get a jump lead from the battery earth to the gearbox (so in effect you're supplementing the existing wire) if there is *any* sign of improvement then its also a sign.

Having said that and seen the lead I'd have to suggest repair / replace it. Check the 'body' earth as well , I think its in front or around the battery tray area on the later 306's.

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