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My recently purchased 407 Coupe has only 3 TPMS valves with one normal valve on its wheels. The three TPMS are also badly corroded, one on NS Front is broken so cannot inflate the tyre.

I have been contemplating whether to buy 4 new TPMS vales and install (the JLR ones same as used on Peugeot are cheap at 4 for £50). However putting new ones means they will need reprogramming. Is this a complicated process? What is reprogramming likely to cost on all 4 wheels?

Alternative is to get normal valves installed and either live with error message or get it switched off.

I guess I really need someone's help who has Peugeot Planet tool to help with either as I am no way paying stealers money for this. I live in Coventry if anyone close by is willing to help.

PS - I did use planet map and found that the Coventry member no longer has the kit and the Birmingham member has not yet responded. I am calling for any help I can get in both suggestions and with the Planet kit