C5 seat covers

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C5 seat covers

Post by kayjas »

Has anyone bought any seat covers for their C5 ?
My upholstery is a little tired and I've seen some great looking cover sets on ebay but I can only imagine they are hard to fit and wont look like the photos that are shown on the ebay ad.

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CAR-SEAT-COVE ... Sw3ydV7XhT
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Re: C5 seat covers

Post by Stickyfinger »

Or get a set of leather for about £100-150 ?

Edit: Original Leather @ £100-150 from a breaker car
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Re: C5 seat covers

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Always had leather on the C5, but for the C3 they are all ghastly and never fit, generally held on by pins and hooks that would take your eye out if they came lose. There are probably good and bad ones out there but you will take a chance as they never look like the ones in the pictures! We ended up with a set from Halfrauds for the C3 at about £50 and they are horrible!

if you want a better fitting or a custom fit set then expect to pay anything upto £300! For that you could probably get a couple of replacement seats!