'New' car jitters

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Rusty viking
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'New' car jitters

Post by Rusty viking »

This might be nothing but, picked up my 'new' 2009 model from a dealer about 140 miles away.on the motorway home if I brought the speed up to 90 mph there was a very noticeable vibration from the drivers seat,back to 70mph and it went away.I repeated this numerous times,similar to the feedback you get from the steering wheel if wheels are unbalanced.(I have since discovered the rack was replaced with a reconditioned one) Is anyone familiar with this.?
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Re: 'New' car jitters

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

Some Citroens have a "wandering lane" warning system, in that when you stray from your lane the driver seat vibrates as a warning. This covers a bit about it;

http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topi ... 7&t=160306
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Re: 'New' car jitters

Post by Peter.N. »

.. or it could be that the rear wheels are out of balance.

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Re: 'New' car jitters

Post by xantia_v6 »

It can also be caused by a tyre that goes out-of-round at speed, which won't be cured by balancing. Swapping the wheels around is probably the best diagnosis tool.
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Re: 'New' car jitters

Post by Stickyfinger »

When you say "Drivers seat"....do you refer to the seat only vibrates ? or the whole car but you feel it that way ?

if the seat only....it will be the lane departure warning. Do you have the specs for the car ?
(or post the Vin number and we can produce a "spec" sheet for you)
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Re: 'New' car jitters

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Hell Razor5543 wrote:Some Citroens have a "wandering lane" warning system, in that when you stray from your lane the driver seat vibrates as a warning.
Doubt it is this, as it would still operate at 70-90 mph if LDWS. More likely to be rear wheels if felt through seats - either balancing or 'out of round' as stated by Peter and Xantia_V6.
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Re: 'New' car jitters

Post by SaabC5 »

At least X7 wheels can be balanced on a standard machine with no adaptor unlike the MKI. I had to drive past 12 tyre specialists to find somebody with a Citroen adaptor.