Lexia user East Midlands Coalville anyone?

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Lexia user East Midlands Coalville anyone?

Post by wizaird »

Hi... Just wondering if anyone is available for a reasonable price to come and diagnose the fault on my C5 2.0 hdi 2006 model....
The high pressure pump is not pumping anything out?
Hand primer on this model and not an intank fuel pump...
Changed filter after Rac said it was blocked.... Still the same.. Doesn't even fire up off easystart?

Hand primer is hard to squeeze even when the return I'd disconnected... Like a valve or solenoid is closed on the pump?

Anyone any ideas... Then please let me know

Appreciate any ideas or help on offer...

Thanks Dave
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Re: Lexia user East Midlands Coalville anyone?

Post by myglaren »

Have you checked the map?
http://www.frenchcarforum.co.uk/forum/v ... 19&t=29178
PM those nearest and see what they say.