C5 not starting sounds like fuel problem now fixed

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C5 not starting sounds like fuel problem now fixed

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I am putting this post up as two weeks ago I had a starting problem, This problem appeared a few days after having to jump start the car as it had not been used for a while. Once battery was fully charged the engine turned ok but it sounded like no fuel getting to engine. Lexia showed no faults.
Checked fuel filter no metal or crud in there,
Then took out low pressure fuel pump, clean as a whistle and turned on bench test power. Refitted still no pumping up too the filter.
Had to give up for the night so put battery back on charge and went looking on the internet for about 3 hours and eventually found a possible solution on the Aussie frogs site.
Next morning before reconnecting the battery I ran two wires from the fuel pump direct to the battery terminals and fuel pumped up to filter feed. Now getting somewhere at last.
The Aussie site had mentioned that pin 11 on the central connecting block in the under bonnet fuse box can burn out. When I inspected this sure enough it was badly discoloured A quick scrape with a small screwdriver and application of contact cleaner then a few re-insertions, reconnect the battery and the car fired up first time Much relief !! The Aussie site also said that if the connection was badly burnt that you could use pin 12 connection as a replacement ( AS Haynes in there wizdom don't supply diesel engine wiring diagrams I would have been loath to try this).

My reason for the post is that the information could be useful for others and as my searches on this site had not mentioned this option I thought it best to do a post.

Note this is first time I have had to be recovered in 5.5 Years and 70,000 miles, not bad for a £1000.00 car. (no doubt after saying I'm heading for trouble)