Cleaning out your Pela or other vacuum extractor

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Cleaning out your Pela or other vacuum extractor

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Or other 'vacuum' oil extractor.

Although its probably not that necessary I do prefer mine reasonably clean.

I'm going to assume the exterior of it is already clean and you've wiped down the outside of the extraction pipe / the body itself and more importantly it is empty :D , do not do this if it is *not* empty.

1. Get an old mug ( as in ceramic! not me ;) ) or one of those plastic disposable party cups. I use a specific mug for this that lives in my shed, its got a broken handle anyway.

2. Put about a good tablespoon or two at most of washing machine powder into the mug, then fill the rest with very hot water. Usual precautions against burns / scolding please apply here. I'd advise *not* to use boiling water just ensure that it is quite hot. From a personal point of view I tend to have it about a temperature where I can put my hand in it but not keep it there (or want to!) for more than a few seconds, although this will vary person to person I guess. Just ensure its hot water at least if nothing else. :)

3. Stir the mug contents a bit with something suitable. Note the amount of powder is and should be slightly more than will dissolve. This is on purpose for two reasons that are explained further on.

4. Insert the exaction hose into the mug and extract the contents. Do *not* extract it all pull the pipe out of the mug when there is about 1/4 of the liquid or about a inch left. Add more hot water to the mug and stir again, this time vacuum it all out.

5. The reason for adding more than will dissolve is as its slightly gritty texture it will help clean the inside of the pipe plus you get "two fills" as such.

6. Remove the vacuum pump from the Pela. Give it a shake around (watch out as it *can* due to water pressure blow some very hot water out vacuum or drain holes! be careful please!) and then let it stand for about 10 minutes.

7. Now simply drain the small amount of dirty messy water out of your Pela into your waste oil receptacle. The tiny ammout of water that you've added to this will not really effect much so I do not see any waste disposal people complaining about 1/2 litre max of water inside a lot (a few gallons?) of waste oil and fluids.

Well, it works for me. Enjoy. :)