2006 C3 1.6 HDi Cruise (sort of)

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2006 C3 1.6 HDi Cruise (sort of)

Post by Chris570 »

Morning Gents,

I've popped a cruise stalk onto my C3 and enabled it in the Engine ECU and the BSI and all seems well, unless you try and enable cruise, if you do then the bit that should show the selected speed flashes 3 lines. If I go into the Lexia and look at the engine parameters I can see the Clutch switch works as it should but both the Brake pedal and Redundant Brake pedal both show as pressed. The car has the 4 pin brake switch fitted and I can see that on the bench and on the car both the push to make and push to break sides are working as they should so I'm at a bit of a loss as to why the ECU seems to think otherwise.

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the engine so I can see if the ECU expects a constant 12v when the brakes are released (then I can trace back to see if the switch is seeing 12v) or if it uses a loop instead.

Either that or there's a lone fuse for that circuit.....

Any assistance would be wonderful.
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Re: 2006 C3 1.6 HDi Cruise (sort of)

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Chris - I can send you PDFs of the Principle, Wiring and Installation diagrams for an 07 HDi Exclusive with cruise if that helps - let me have your email via PM, got them ready to go.