308 hard to start

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308 hard to start

Post by Biggbobb »

Hi i have a 2010 308 1.6hdi it has had a second hand engine fitted and now it is difficult to start it especially when left overnight. Its had new injectors and seals new fuel filter now it turns and turns before eventually starting then cuts straight out then it will turn over and over b4 starting. It then runs and drives fine but when u turn it off it struggles to start again. Dosent take as long if you start it straight back up but it does turn 5 or 6 times before starting.occasionaly it throws up an egr fault code but thats new aswell any ideas anyone. Thanks
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Re: 308 hard to start

Post by spider »

I'd half suggest the fuel piping that runs across the back / top of the engine as if its in the same place as the 1.4 units (in the 307 and 206) they can get a bit porous over time.

Is there any clear piping in the fuel line ? Can you check this for bubbles ?

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