LIFTing a Citroen ?

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LIFTing a Citroen ?

Post by Stickyfinger »

So, just what is recommended for the range of cars ?

Based on other posts (as Citroen recommend) we now have the C5x7, raise and remove the LDS tank cap

Others ?
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Re: LIFTing a Citroen ?

Post by BenC5HDi »

Can't say I've ever done anything than put them on high and lifted them. That's how we used to do it when I worked in a Cit dealer workshop in the late 80s ..
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Re: LIFTing a Citroen ?

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the newer Hydractive systems:-
We know that the Power steering circuit is now separated from the Suspension circuit, as are the brakes and clutch - back in my old CX days if you had a leak you lost the brakes, steering and suspension! Maybe the newer Hydractive Citroens with LDS have less fluid in the suspension circuit now these systems are all separated - and could it follow therefore that there is now less tolerance in the circuit when the vehicle is lifted off the ground causing more fluid to be required from the reservoire? Could there be too much pressure on the strut seals causing the leaking issue over time?
I would like to know the reason for the caution on removing the LDS cap as I'd like to know what is being damaged by not doing so and therefore potentially avoiding some nasty repair bills!
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Re: LIFTing a Citroen ?

Post by jgra1 »

I had no idea about this until someone mentioned it last week :O .. mine spent a few weeks with front off ground, without wheels on..
makes me wonder what effect a very bouncy road would have on the seals though..
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Re: LIFTing a Citroen ?

Post by chinkostu »

The reason you put them on high is because if you jack it on normal the h/c tries to lower the car, so when you lower the jack the car will keep going down as theres no fluid in the strut/ram/sphere! Then pinning the jack between it and the floor. Not that i've done that .. .