1.6 VTI oil

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1.6 VTI oil

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As I am sure we are all aware, the above engine in the car uses oil at the rate of around 1 litre per 1500 miles. The same engine is found in minis and I believe some peugeotss. My 1.6vti was serviced before purchase using Mobil 1 5w30 ESP, an excellent oil but also expensive at £17.99 litre. I therefore intend to change the oil in the not too distant future and have previously always used comma synthetic in other cars and indeed my wife's 206cc. I am tempted by comma protech 5w/30 which is specially developed for these Peugeot/citroen engines but is not specifically approved by psa. It is fully synthetic and retails at £21 per 5 litres or £6 litre! Is anyone running this oil in there car or alternatively, which oil are you using please?
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Re: 1.6 VTI oil

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Yep its fine but if you want to make sure go on the Comma web site and input your reg number.