Xantia front lower arms?

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Xantia front lower arms?

Post by HDI »

When having some new front tyres fitted yesterday I took a pry bar with to check the lower arm bushes, as I'd noticed some noise and harshness from the front.
Verdict, they are shot! So, is it cheaper to fit just new bushes, or the whole arm? Any recommendations for best price and quality?
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Re: Xantia front lower arms?

Post by ecohouse1 »

Hi HDI I replaced the O/S front lower arm on my TD Estate last summer as I was experiencing issues (which actually was a faulty new ball joint but that's another story!!) - I did the whole arm and it was £49 on ebay. May not be the best quality (time will tell) but it transformed the handling. Was a fiddle to fit though as the ARB gets right in the way and ended up taking both drop links off and of course one was seized so had to be replaced, so might be worth having those handy if you do go down that route. I didnt and had to wait a few days to get them! Lining the bolts up was a lot of swearing and pry bar work.

A lot of other posters have replaced the bush only and I think the secret is get the best quality bush you can get and more importantly align them so that they are at the correct angle for normal ride height. There are a lot of posts on the subject in the forum.
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Re: Xantia front lower arms?

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

I replaced both arms on my Xantia. I was advised (both on this forum and from others in the know) that if you don't get the 'P' bush lined up exactly right it won't last too long (10,000 miles at best), so I replaced the arms (with the assistance of Citronut, rest his soul). If you do replace the arms, do NOT tighten them up fully (just enough to hold) until you have the car level and at the right height (so the bushes are in their default position), and then do them up to the right torque.