Trim Quality

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Trim Quality

Post by ACTIVE8 »

Having found that where I tend to park, when I go to the supermarket, a DS 5 tends to be there around the same time so overall I like what I see.

Although I can't help thinking that given how the Xantia trim has aged more so on the shiny bits, and as the DS 5 has a lot of shiny chrome finish parts on it, what would that look like in the future when aged?

Or maybe the quality of the trim parts has improved!

Hmmm time will tell!
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Re: Trim Quality

Post by wurlycorner »

I think trim quality has generally decreased, in line with expected design life of a car.

Take a look at citroens that are only a couple of years old and you'll see that lots of the interior trim has thin plastic coverings that are peeling off or worn away.

Edit: I should add, I don't think this is exclusively a Citroen problem...
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Re: Trim Quality

Post by CitroJim »

I would tend to agree. I cannot see the trim in my C1 lasting very long and the trim in my daughter's 09 plate Pixo is now quite shabby...