Graeme the hero in Bradford

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Graeme the hero in Bradford

Post by Garryg163 » 09 Dec 2015, 20:18

Hi all, had a problem with C5 estate Airbag Fault / Horn not working / Service light on.

Had several quotes locally Most wanted £50+ to diagnose Plus 200-400 to replace unit fitted. Not happy.

Read on here about Graeme in Bradford, Checked him out on ebay for repairing it. So booked an appointment, nice bloke, I asked about fitting cruise control too.

Job was done in an hour all faults fixed and cruise control fitted (He supplied the arm and cut the cowl) all for the princley sum of £75 :shock: :-D

How chuffed am I?

Big thanks to Graeme and you guys for guiding me there.

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Re: Graeme the hero in Bradford

Post by CitroJim » 09 Dec 2015, 21:08

Excellent :D

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Re: Graeme the hero in Bradford

Post by evilclive » 01 May 2016, 02:30

I've searched for Bradford and I've searched for Graeme and I can only find this thread - got any more details than that?

Citraulix in Bradford said my Xantia was suitable for scrap when the power steering pipe went, which didn't impress me that much - though they did give it some LHM to get it home, which was nice. T'internet supplied an appropriate replacement, and I learned about flaring and fitting pipes - 18 months ago :-)

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Re: Graeme the hero in Bradford

Post by xantia_v6 » 01 May 2016, 06:28

Graeme is eBay user name 0~7~5~9~9~5~8~7~1~1~9.

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Re: Graeme the hero in Bradford

Post by Tam » 20 Jun 2016, 22:27

It's also his phone number:-)...Good guy

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Re: Graeme the hero in Bradford

Post by sutty86 » 11 Jun 2017, 15:09

Graham doesn't work on the cars now he focusses on his lock smithing business,spoke to him