Xud9te Fuel Problems

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Xud9te Fuel Problems

Post by magicman987 »

Hi everyone I really hope you can help me solve this one. I will give you a quick run down of what work has been done over the last couple of weeks.
It started with the headgasket failing leaking a lot of oil out thus the turbo run dry and killed that. The van was driving very slow only getting to 50mph on the motorway. So I have replaced the head gasket fitted a new turbo and intercooler. Its all timed up perfectly. The van runs and revs but wont reach full power it starts missing and will still only really reach 50mph and very slowly at that. I noticed air was rushing through the clear pipe to the injection pump whilst I was revving it on the driveway. So I bypassed the fuel filter housing and run it direct from a fuel can to the pump and it revved freely all the way up and no bubbles. So I connected to the feed from the tank direct to the pump and its still drawing air with filter housing and primer bulb bypassed. Can the pickups in the tank cause problems or can a leak on the return cause air in the flow pipe. I am really stumped on this one any help would be greatly appreciated. #
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Re: Xud9te Fuel Problems

Post by CitroJim »

I have seen this exact problem on a Pug 306 in the past..

The cause was a totally blocked exhaust cat. All the crap that went down the exhaust when the HG failed totally bunged it up...

Even if yours has no cat the silencer can still get badly bunged under such circumstances and is worth checking...

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Re: Xud9te Fuel Problems

Post by Pug_XUD_KeenAmateur »

I'm reliably informed that there's a type of braided pipe in the fuel system on Pug 405's (such as mine) which despite not allowing leaks can allow air into the line. Not sure about yours, but its a simple check.

Get underneath it and find the flexible pipe connecting the fuel lines to the tank, its probably close to the front of the NSR wheelarch. If its a braided style pipe, rip it out and replace it. Check the unions on it while you're there. You probably don't even need to bother to jack it up.

Certainly sounds like the issue is air in the fuel line
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Re: Xud9te Fuel Problems

Post by Peter.N. »

If you can park it facing down a steep hill for a while, any air leaks should manifest themselves as fuel leaks.

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Re: Xud9te Fuel Problems

Post by elma »

My Xantia TDs over the years have all suffered from bubbles in the fuel at some point. More often than not the cure has been either blocked fuel tank pickup, old hoses and clips between the tank and filter or the fuel filter housing itself. Leak off pipes have also been a cause but with bubbles prior to the filter I'd not suspect them yet. Finally I'm aware that there's a gauze in the banjo on the diesel pump that can block, never looked myself but its a very small hole to block.