406 - abs fault w/ handbrake light

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406 - abs fault w/ handbrake light

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Hi ppl!

I have few question before going on with my repair plans :)

Few months ago my abs light started to blink. Randomly but went off when turning car off and then on. Everything worked great. After weeks I got permanently abs light and also handbrake light. This was first time the handbrake light got on. Both didnt go away so it was a permanent error. Well then, after a while my handbrake pedals broke off and destroyed all, sencor, ring, pedals aso. from the passanger back side. I thought it might be the case why those light lighted my nights on the dashboard. I did repair my brakes. But sadly both lights stayed on. Because of handbrake and abs lights do i need to reset fault codes with a proper program (PP2000 etc.) or should it still reset by itself? I have few thousand kilometers behind so it should have do it already if it reset by itself.

I know blinking abs light without handbrake light can be caused by faulting sencor, ring, dirt and so on. Because I have also handbrake light on with abs (handbrake is working just great) should I check something else? I did clean those rings and sencors but no help. So guys - you have any idea? Any common problems or anything? Most Im interested is why my handbrake light got on too?!

My car is 406 2.0 petrol 1999.

Cheers guys!