Turning off Peugeot 405 alarm.

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Turning off Peugeot 405 alarm.

Post by carlo14 »

I seem to have a fairly early 405 Series II, it's an STI 2.0 Automatic 1993 flavour.

A lot of things seem to be different on this to the later Series II models, have already discovered heater fan assembly and air conditioning unit/pressure switch (and the fact it's an R12 system) is completely different.

Does anyone know about the alarm though. On every other 405 from 1994-1997 there was a key to actually turn off the alarm, it went into a keyhole unit behind the n/s headlamp. This STI doesn't have this or a key - does anyone know if the alarm on these can be de-activated? (It has the normal plip key/key pad immobilisor/sensors in the car.)

Thanks all.