Replacement ecu

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Replacement ecu

Post by bigdfromthec »

Hello I have a 2006 607 2.2hdi(170). I was getting a lot of trouble with faults all coming on at the same time. Dpf seat belt pretensioners brakes,power steering,immobiliser. It was traced back to a faulty injector on number 1 cylinder which was replaced. And in doing so it spiked the ecu. I have sent the ecu to a specialist and they have confirmed this. The only way I can sort this is if I had another ecu from a scrap car which I would then be able to get cloned from my original ecu. There are not many of these cars about and cannot source one here in Northern Ireland.
It is a Bosch ecu number

I would be eternally grateful if one of your members could help me source one as my car has been off the road for nearly two months
Thank you
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Re: Replacement ecu

Post by BX »

Just did a quick Google search. This outfit will send you a replacement for 400euro. They will refund 50 if you return the old unit to them within 30 days. ... -4452.html
They will clone it for another 50. So I assume that if you return your old unit for cloning the price remains €400.
I know nothing about them.
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Re: Replacement ecu

Post by CitroJim »

This mob, BBA reman, may be worth a call too...

Here's their Peugeot-specific ECU faults page..

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