AX GTi K6B vs. KFZ

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AX GTi K6B vs. KFZ

Post by risento »

Hi all French Car Lovers,
Can anyone here list the differences, between the two 1.4 litre GTi engines?
K6B is the deCat engine with 100bhp and KFZ the catalytic one, with 95bhp.
Apart from the Catalytic converter, what are the other differences?

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Re: AX GTi K6B vs. KFZ

Post by Deanxm »

This is a pure stab in the dark as I'm not familia with either but I would think the moggy version has an oxygen sensor which controls mixture to create more favourable conditions for the cat, the non moggy version probably does not so I would say it has a different management system or map and maybe mechanical ignition?