Trackday with a New Toy

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Trackday with a New Toy

Post by evilally »

Clio at the track, this time with Racechrono, a 10hz GPS receiver and an ELM 327 module :) 240 track miles in a 10 year old Clio and nothing fell off :)

Track tyres:

Road tyres, and a brief trip onto the gravel at the end:

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Re: Trackday with a New Toy

Post by elma »

That looks like so much fun. That 911 wasn't very brave was it, I would have loved chasing it down.
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Re: Trackday with a New Toy

Post by Zelandeth »

Ah, brings back memories of the three trackdays I've been to up at Knockhill.

First time was in my Skoda 130GL, which with (unbeknown to me when I bought it) ported head and slightly warm cam and some sticky tyres on the back, where it kept up surprisingly well with its contemporaries. Was especially fun in the afternoon when it rained though - did several laps spending more time looking out the side windows than the windscreen. Rubbish lap times like that obviously, but hilariously good fun. Nothing fell off either, though my exhaust did start blowing a couple of days later. ...we think the flames out the back on the overrun might have had something to do with that.

Second was at a meet up down there, with no original plans on my part to be out on the track, until I was eventually poked into having a go. In my Lada Niva 1.7i Hussar. Quite possibly the most hilarious thing to ever be seen around there, and a lot less slow than I think many people expected, even if it did spend most of its time on three (and on occasion two) wheels. I did have one brief excursion into the gravel at one point. doesn't slow Nivas down that much, and apparently I got a significant amount of air when I exited the gravel. Think the guy in the Saab 99 that I kept chasing was utterly baffled as to why he couldn't get rid of me. I did have some video footage of that, sadly lost it in a hard drive corruption incident back in 2007. Think the lap times showed a lot that knowing your car is as big a part of things as the car itself. I may have needed new brake pads the following day. The all terrain tyres oddly shrugged the abuse off without any apparent wear!

Third time was in my Suzuki Cappuccino. Definitely the quickest I've ever been around (plus being my third outing, knew the track a bit better). It's really satisfying pestering the big boys with my little 660cc powered rollerskate. 90-100bhp in a 700kg car goes pretty well, but the real party trick for the Cappo was the handling. It's (for an unmodified road car anyway) pretty light, has a 50/50 weight distribution and pretty clever suspension. Result is of course a car that can change direction stupidly quickly. Track feels vast when you're in a 1.3 metre wide car too...

Have to admit that I would love to throw my Saab around a few laps and see how she did...