Peugeot 206 fans

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Peugeot 206 fans

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I am just sorting out a 2003 1.1 206 for my step daughter, done the mot work but now have the next bunch of problems neither the heater fan or the radiator fan work, from what i have found the radiator fan is seized and the relay wiring is well past its best so i have bought another fan with the wiring.
My second problem is the heater fan is dead switch does nothing, As its dead i am thinking its not the heater resistor, i hope not as its awful to get at, I am not sure about the fuse as i am not 100% sure where it is, i am thinking its in the drivers side small fuse box ? if so that seems fine as all fuses are good , Are the switches a common failure ? i notice it a whole panel to replace ? any other ideas ?
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