GS door mirrors

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GS door mirrors

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Are yours sitting comfortably? Then read no further.

I have a French built left hooker, and when I took it on there was no door mirror on the right hand side, and it is that side that has become too familiar with some gateposts in the past. One sage stated that if I took some measurements of the position of the left hand (fitted) mirror using datum points, then transfer the point of the mirror base centre to the non-mirror side, I would discover a welded-in nut behind the door skin to which a door mirror can be fixed.

Oh no there isn't.

So I had a hole in the door skin into which I screwed the tubular threaded mirror base and gingerly locked the chrome ring. I had a mirror, but it was a little unsteady and shook with the wind and road shocks. Having obtained a new convex glass and surround from Daras Rich of Retro-specs" onclick=";return false;, I have replaced the flat glass with one I can see much more, and at last tackled the wobbly bit.

Inside the door paneling access is restricted, and the location of the backing was further complicated by structural channeling which did not conveniently line up with anything to locate to. A good rummage through the shed found an ally plate of one eighth thickness, and this would fit up firmly under the uppermost section of the outer door skin, but needed a section cut and angled to be drilled for a bolt from the mirror base to line up with. So with a bit of ingenuity and shed scrap, I have a sturdy mirror at last!

If anyone has a similar problem, I can probably sketch something that resembles the method and application. :wink: